Recumbent Exercise Bike Buying Guide


Post-Feature-Image-Recumbent-Exercise-Bike-Buying-GuideRecumbent exercise bikes are designed with safety and convenience in mind and they are an incredible piece of equipment for anyone wanting to have a best stationary bike in their home. Recumbent exercise bike differ from other exercise bikes by having pedals at the front, allowing the user to sit in a reclining position when riding it. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to the recumbent exercise bike. One of them is comfort. Recumbent exercise bike is more comfortable than other stationary bikes, having in mind they reduce strain on your back. Recumbent exercise bikes are a great choice for all people regardless of their fitness level. Moreover, these stationary bikes are much safer than others, providing both stability and effectiveness.

What to consider when buying a recumbent exercise bike


The first thing you need to check when buying a new recumbent exercise bike is a comfort. Make sure that the seat is comfortable and allows you to ride without any issue. Everything needs to accommodate as you desire. Furthermore, you need to check if the pedals are in your reach. These bikes have pedals placed at the front and as long as they are within your reach, you should be able to pedal without any problem.


Also, choose a model that fits your weight. Lots of recumbent exercise bikes come in a different maximum weight scale and it is important that you make sure whether the bike is able to hold your weight. Usually, recumbent bikes hold up to 400 pounds.

Adjustable Resistance

Another thing to have in mind when buying  the best recumbent exercise bike is adjustable resistance. You should always have the opportunity to adjust the tension and resistance of your bike. Good models will provide that feature and it will allow you to set a more challenging fitness level. Also, a top quality model should always provide additional features such as heart rate monitor which is very important since it displays information about your fitness progress. It would be wise to choose a recumbent exercise bike that can track your calories as well as distance or speed. There are a lot of other additional features like headphone jacks or reading racks and these are sometimes of a great help as well. Of course, who cannot afford it, will not buy it. This leads us to the price. The amount of money you are able to spend affects the range of the products available to you. There is a wide variety of prices to choose from. Usually, recumbent bicycles cost between $400 to $3000.


As always, quality will commonly depend on the price. Therefore, with more money you will get more functions. An expensive model will certainly provide a wide range of exercise outputs. It is recommended to narrow down your search to a certain price range and then buy a bike that provides the most functions with that price range.


Top quality bikes will provide different programs that will even simulate hilly or flat roads. Also, if you are able to adjust your resistance, every member of your family will be able to work out at a different fitness level on the same bike.


These bikes are commonly easy to use even if you are not physically fit. It would be smart to look for beginner programs for an easier start. When buying a recumbent exercise bike, look for the sturdy models as those provide the safety and easy utilization you need.


Recumbent exercise bikes are great because they are very beneficial for people with all sorts of neck and back problem. These exercise bikes will provide comfort to them and they will be able to exercise without any issue.


When buying recumbent exercise bike, warranty is a very important factor to look for since you will be able to get various benefits if there is something wrong with your recumbent bike. Majority of top class brands offer a lifetime warranty on the frame and commonly a 3-6 month warranty on the spare parts.

In addition, when buying a recumbent bike, an important thing is to choose the one that fits your requirements. You certainly do not want to end up buying a bike that does not suit your every need. There are a lot of recumbent bikes on the market and it is almost impossible to determine which one is the best. Have in mind that investing in a recumbent bike is investing in your health and that it will give you greatest worth. Go for a model that offers quality, comfort and stability, yet fits your budget and makes a wise purchase.

Customer reviews

In addition, it would be wise to read a few customer reviews before finalizing the purchase. By reading an experience of the person who has already bought the model you are interested in, you will find out what are the disadvantages or advantages of the bike.

All in all, make sure to compare the products online and make a wise purchase. Recumbent exercise bikes are incredible stationary bikes if you suffer from a back or balance problems. It will also provide you more paddling than any other exercise bike on the market. People buy these bikes because they can easily work out while reading or watching TV. Recumbent bikes also provide a large seat and comfort that no other exercise bike can offer. Plenty of people find the ergonomic design of the large seat and natural position to be a key factor of their decision to buy a recumbent bike. People also say that recumbent exercise bike significantly reduces stress on their joints and therefore allowing them to exercise longer and more effectively. Keep in mind that the best stationary exercise bike is the simplest and most effective. Exercising on the best recumbent exercise bike in your home will improve your health and you will realize that it is the best investment possible.

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Schwinn Recumbent Bike Model 230 Review


Schwinn-Recumbent-Bike-Model-230-Post-Feature-ImageAs a recent addition to the Schwinn recumbent bike family, the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike aims to bring a more complete experience to indoor cycling. Although many of the features that the Schwinn 230 offers may not be necessary for a beginning cyclist, true fitness gurus will be ecstatic at the variety of experiences this Schwinn recumbent bike brings to the table. From a sleeker and more ergonomic design to added technological features, the Schwinn 230 is steps ahead of most recumbent bikes in its price class.

Pros: Comfortable and stress-free construction, easy to mount and use, stored user settings and exercise programs, extra charging ports for electronics and a built-in fan.

Cons: Heavy and difficult to move and assemble, inaccurate heart rate monitor.

The Positive About Schwinn Recumbent Bike Model 230

The comfortable experience of using the Schwinn 230 begins as soon as you step onto the pedals and plant yourself in the seat. The sturdy frame is made of tightly-welded steel that will not shake or buckle during even the hardest of workouts.  The seat design sits further back on the frame than most recumbent bikes, resulting in less pressure on the lower back area. The seat is contoured to fit the human body and is much more comfortable than the average indoor cycling bike. Most experienced fitness buffs will tell you that one of the biggest complaints of any indoor bike system is that the seat causes discomfort during longer workouts. With a vented design that is padded in all the right places, this Schwinn recumbent bike solves many of the discomfort issues and provides excellent ventilation for even the longest and sweatiest rides.

The Schwinn 230 recumbent bike is designed with mounting handlebars positioned on either side of the seat to allow a user to simply walk on and off of the bike without tripping over gears and machinery. Once seated, your body literally slides right into a comfortable riding position that can be adjusted to fit any height. As far as recumbent bikes go, the Schwinn 230 is clearly designed to appeal to even the most novice of indoor cyclists, as it is incredibly easy to mount and immediately begin using.

At the same time, the Schwinn 230 comes equipped with enough cycling programs to satisfy the most hardened spinners. Twenty different resistance programs offer a range of circuits that include slopes and hills, all of which can be adjusted to fit your individual fitness needs. Resistance can be easily changed mid-cycle by pushing the large buttons on the user interface.

The user interface is one of the most intuitive systems available across all of the Schwinn recumbent bike models.  The cycling computer saves up to two individual user settings, which remember the user’s height, weight, age, and target fitness goals. These settings make it easy to keep a weekly workout regimen and to improve on previous fitness goals without needing to jot improvement down on a pad of paper. Several USB ports built right into the bike frame can charge a variety of electronic devices so you don’t have to worry about your iPhone running out of battery in the middle of your carefully chosen workout mix. The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike even comes with a fan built into the center of the bike frame, which creates a constant stream of refreshment to cool any length of workout. These features do not completely distract from the bike’s chief feature – which is its ease of use – but they are perks to add to a more relaxing experience, particularly for those who are not looking to push themselves too hard during a cardio workout.

The Negatives About Schwinn Recumbent Bike Model 230

The biggest weakness of the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike system is in the delivery and assembly process. Schwinn has tried to make assembly easy by doing as much construction in factory as possible. While this certainly cuts down on the overall assembly time of the bike (about 1 ½ hours), it does mean that the bike is delivered in several larger than normal boxes which can be extremely heavy to move and manipulate. You will want to build the Schwinn 230 in the principal room that you plan on it occupying, because the entire bike system is ungainly and difficult to move.  God forbid you live on the upper floor of an apartment complex.

While these issues are more of a one-time conundrum, they can discourage users who are hoping for an immediate fitness experience.  It is recommended to purchase an exercise mat to place under the bike, such as the Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat. The Stamina Equipment Mat can help prevent any metal from rubbing on a hardwood surface and eliminate vibration from the machinery, but it is recommended that you place the mat down before you assemble the bike, as the entire bike is difficult to lift once completed.

Another minor qualm for more experienced fitness lovers is that the heart rate monitor sensors are positioned in the handlebars. Because of constant changing hand positions, the reading from this monitor can often be wildly inaccurate, so it would be better to calculate one’s heart rate using an outside source. However, considering the wide variety of other technological accessories the Schwinn 230 offers, this is a small complaint.

The Bottom Line

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike will undoubtedly appeal more to casual indoor cyclists who are looking for a more comfortable and relaxing environment in which to spin.  However, more driven exercise hounds will still be impressed by the Schwinn Recumbent Bike’s solid construction and impressive arsenal of fitness programs and resistance patterns. Although users should be aware of the bulky and inconvenient manner in which the preassembled bike pieces arrive, once you are able to construct the Schwinn 230, it is a breeze to use. Cyclists who are looking to spend a little more will be rewarded by the extra amenities that the Schwinn 230 offers, making it a complete option for every level of fitness.

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What’s the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike?

Whats-the-Best-Recumbent-Exercise-Bike-Post-Feature-Image-templateWith a busy schedule, it is sometimes very difficult to juggle maintaining a healthy lifestyle with other personal responsibilities. Oftentimes, there simply isn’t time to head to the gym before work or even to go for a run around the block. By the time you come back from the office, or dropping the kids off at school, or grocery shopping, or any other number of daily necessities, the idea of working out has been pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. This is where recumbent exercise bikes can help.  A recumbent exercise bike is designed with the fitness novice in mind and many models are so easy-to-use and convenient that they eliminate any possible excuse for not exercising on a regular basis.

However, just as there are many different types of exercise options, there are also many different brands and models of recumbent exercise bike on the market. In fact, the biggest obstacle to joining the stationary bike movement is the daunting task of buying the bike itself. To help, we have done the legwork to make finding the best recumbent exercise bike as straightforward and understandable as possible.

Advantages of Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

The biggest advantage to using a best recumbent exercise bike is ease of use. Beginning cyclists can simply slide comfortably into the recumbent seat and pedal away for thirty to forty minutes each morning before heading off to their other responsibilities. Because the seat sits low to the ground, users are more stable and do not have to worry about tipping over or hurting themselves while getting on or off the bike. Overall, recumbent exercise bikes are much safer than their upright brethren.

The recumbent bike position also puts less strain on the body as a whole. There is less chance of hyper-extending your elbows or shoulders by leaning over the handlebars, as you might with a traditional upright stationary bike. The best recumbent exercise bikes offer the opportunity to improve every key muscle group in a single workout. The more relaxed seat position provides optimal focus on the quads and hamstrings, as well as the muscles in one’s core.

The 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike With Pulse

As one of the most stable recumbent exercise bikes on the market, the Exerpeutic 900XL provides a rock solid workout without wobbling or shifting. Eight levels of different tension ensure that the bike can adapt to any fitness needs, but the magnetic tension system also keeps the pedaling action to a quiet hum. The 900XL is perfect for users who do not want to fiddle with many bells and whistles and simply want a straightforward and powerful cardio workout option. With basically no learning curve, the 900XL is ready to use from the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

If you are planning to work out in a more confined living space, Exerpeutic also offers the 400XL, which is a smaller and more portable recumbent bike model. The folding construction ensures that the bike can easily be stored away in a closet or corner when not in use. Just because it is smaller does not meant that it does not offer great results, however. Once unfolded, the stable base can support all heights and body weights and the magnetic flywheel provides the same eight tension settings as the Exerpeutic 900XL.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

If you are looking for a more luxury recumbent exercise bike model, the Schwinn 270 is an impressive option. The matte black sleek design makes the Schwinn 270 an attractive addition to the living room of anyone who wants to show off their workout regimen. Like the best recumbent exercise bike designs, the Schwinn 270 is easy to mount and use, but it also provides several advanced options for more intense routines.  Twenty-five (that’s right – twenty-five) different tension settings can be accessed with the touch of a button. The bike’s dual LCD display provides an accurate readout of every possible fitness statistic you will need, including speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. Of course, the Schwinn 270 comes complete with a USB input and speaker system for playing the perfect workout mix.

Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle

If you are not looking to break the bank, but still want powerful results, the Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle is one of the best values we have found. For a recumbent exercise bike that lists at under $200, the Marcy system comes with plenty of features to create a comprehensive and effective workout plan. The padded bike seat is comfortable and soothing for all shapes and sizes, even more comfortable than many pricier models. Eight tension settings give a good range of workout options and the simple cycling computer is reliable and accurate at tracking statistics. The rolling caster system on the bottom of the bike base makes it easy to move the Marcy Recumbent Cycle from room to room.

Stamina 4825 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Stamina 4825 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike is just an all-around solid workout tool. With all the features that you would expect from the best recumbent exercise bikes, the Stamina 4825 can perform for all levels of fitness. One of the best features of the Stamina 4825 is that its low-to-the-ground construction makes it easy to watch your favorite television show while working out, without worrying about a cumbersome cycling computer getting in the way of your eye line. The low and wide base also makes sure that your workout is stable and productive. Although it may not possess some of the extra electronic features as some of its more expensive competitors, the Stamina 4825 is ready to use from day one and does not require a lot of previous indoor cycling knowledge to break a sweat. The bike does not fold up, but it is low enough to be able to be stored under a bed or desk when not in use.

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Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Exercise Bike Review


Exerpeutic-900XL-Recumbent-Exercise-Bike-Post-Feature-ImagePROS: Big magic packed in a small box, which also takes care of your pocket! Yes, in one sentence you can describe the recumbent exercise bike as a magic bike. It takes care of your daily cardiovascular workout in a subtle manner, and can fit into your daily routine, without much of a problem. With a lot of positives, it has potential to become one of your best buys, and is totally recommended from a reviewer’s point of view.

CONS: If you belong to the category who wishes to make tough and bulging muscles, at various corners of your body, then probably recumbent exercise bike will not be much of a help to you. They do not make six packs in your abs, but will only tone them to look perfect.

In-Depth Review of This Recumbent Exercise Bike

The bike is excellent buy in optimum price. You will get the recumbent exercise bike along with a manual, which will make the assembling part really easy. After assembling, you will get to know that it can be shifted from place to place because of its supporting wheels. The seating is very comfortable in nature and size, and supports a height range from 5’3” till 7’2”. If your main purpose of getting the recumbent exercise bike is to reduce the weight, so that can be done without you having to sacrifice your favorite daily shows; the bike is really noiseless and sometimes you will not even feel your peddling sound.

You start as a novice with minimum “tension level” wherein you will not need to apply a lot of force to pedal your bike, and with practice you can easily increase the tension level. With increased tension level you can be assured of doing quite a heavy workout.

With a friendly and large screen display, you can monitor your heart rate and maintain your exercise level according to your own physical capacity. Usually you should maintain your workout level at 85% of your heart rate, which ensures maximum benefits with no dangers. With the display it is easy to keep a track record of the time you worked out, the distance you traveled, the time you had spend on exercise, and the most important of all calories burned. You will actually know that you are reducing, even if it not prominent with naked eyes.

You can consider buying a Folding Equipment Mat, with the recumbent exercise bike. This mat is quite portable in nature and can be folded easily. Is provides a hassle free storage, and saves your carpet from any kind of wear and tear. Just place the equipment mat beneath the recumbent exercise bike, and be sure of no property damage. The mat is especially designed to absorb any kind of impacts, vibrations and shocks.

Factors Determining the Purchase Decision

We have talked at length about the product qualities and features, but there are many noteworthy important factors that determine the final purchase decision. The foremost factor is your actual daily workout plan and the reason behind your workout sessions. Now, if you plan to use the bike on a daily basis to keep yourself fit and get a toned body, then this bike is a very good option. The recumbent exercise bike is cost effective and solves a regular workout problem greatly. If you want to go for a higher level of workout that includes concentrating on building up of specific body area muscles, then probably you should drop the idea of buying the product. The product is durable in nature and comes with a manufacture 3 years limited-warranty. You will not have to undergo the trouble of replacing the machine’s parts or worry about its wear and tear. It is easily shipped to your place and looks like a good buy.

The Design

  • Technical Specifications:
    1. Step- through design style
    2. Eight-level magnetic control system
    3. Smooth torque” cranking system
    4. Balanced flywheel with a V-belt design
    5. Supports 300lbs weight
    6. Measures 22 by 34 by 54 inches (W x H x D)
    7. The machines weight is 63 pounds
    8. Large LCD display screen
    9. Transportation wheels
    10. Limited warranty period of three years
  • Aesthetics:  You will not ask for more, once you look at the design of the recumbent exercise bike. It looks classy and trendy. It does not look like one of those heavy machines kept at typical gyms, rather will become a part of some corner in your house.
  • Durability: It is very durable in nature, but you will just have to increase your learning curve for changing the height of the seat, without spending much time on it. The magnetic tension level can be adjusted even between specific numbers, without causing any damage to the bike. All in all, recumbent exercise bike is highly durable in nature.
  • Functionality: As far as functionality is concerned, it can be rated with 8 stars out of 10. You can use it effortlessly, and practice a regular workout session. With comfortable seats, adjustable tension level, feet strap and comfortable construction, you will actually get into the habit of working out on a daily basis.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have read the whole description about the bike, right from its construction to its working, you are in a position to decide whether to go for the product or not. So, to conclude, the recumbent exercise bike looks like a real good buy with all the important features one can look for. It is good on aesthetics; technically it has some very strong features and above all comes with a warranty of 3 years. It gives you an option to start with easy workout level and progressively go for higher forms, which even means that the bike is suitable for all kinds of fitness freaks. When it is accompanied with folding equipment mat, then even your property will remain safe from any kind of damages. If you are planning to become one of those fitness freaks, then consider buying recumbent exercise bike.

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What’s the Best Keiser Spin Bike?


Sunny-SF-B1001-Stationary-Bike-ReviewSpinning and indoor biking are an awesome fitness option for those who enjoy biking but do not live in a hospitable climate.  You can spin, after all, on a snowy day or on the hottest day of summer.  You’ll always be comfortable and cozy inside your home!  Of course, you can use bikes at a gym but, for some, purchasing a bike for in-home use just makes more sense.  If you have a busy schedule, work from home or have kids then it’s often easiest to squeeze in a workout whenever you can.  If you have started shopping around for indoor bicycles you may have become overwhelmed by the many choices, brands and types.  There are many to consider but Keiser Spin bike is the best on the market.

Keiser Spin Bikes are known for their high quality and great features. If you are just starting out with spinning or biking then you may not wish to invest the money in a Keiser spin bike.  They are not cheap but they are worth the money for someone who is committed to fitness.   These are no beginners’ bikes and are meant for people serious about indoor biking and spinning.  They provide a fantastic cardiovascular work-out and are built for comfort and ease of use.

These are phenomenal bikes.  They are some of the best in the industry.  Keiser machines are the types of bikes you will find at a spin class or in a top-notch gym.  There’s nothing cheap about these machines and the Keiser name is a well-respected and a well-known brand in the fitness industry… and there’s good reason for that! If you are in the market for a new Keiser bike and are curious what the best ones are, read on to become an informed consumer.

Keiser Spin Bike – M3 Review

To begin with, this spin bike just looks cool.   It is streamlined and sleek with a silver color.  It will fit right in to any home gym.  If you plan on keeping your bike out in the house, in the living room or bedroom for example, then this machine will not look tacky or obtrusive.  This bike is really quite attractive and simply built.

All Keiser machines, and the M3 series in particular, are known for durability. It will not wear out on you and will continue to give you a great work out for years to come.  Made of non-corrosive materials and featuring a non-wearing resistance system, this bike will not break down or require repairs.  It is practically maintenance free.  However, it does come with a fantastic warranty should any issues arise.

The M3 is not for just anyone.  It is for a true fitness enthusiast.  This machine is a serious performance exercise cycle.  It is most suited for indoor cycling classes and hardcore cardiovascular conditioning.  If you are looking for a great work out at home, then you will not be disappointed.  You will look and feel great after using this machine for just a few weeks.

The thing that is so wonderful about this bike is that provides a great work out but is not noisy, bouncy or rickety.  You can go as fast as you wish without sacrificing either of those features.  This bike promises a smooth ride and is very quiet.  Work out late at night or while the baby’s sleeping.  It doesn’t matter because this bike is seriously whisper quiet.  It is also so easy to use!

The Keiser M3 also has a top-notch computer that measures RPM, power output in watts, kilocalorie expenditure, heart rate, trip time, gear and distance.  The best part of the computer is how easy it is to use and how much information you can get from it.  You will be able to monitor, track and adjust your work outs according to what the computer tells you.


  • Eddy current resistance system
  • Infinitely adjustable resistance system
  • Smooth and quiet
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • Computer tracks time, distance, calories, heart rate, power output and more!
  • Adjustable Shimano combo pedals
  • Featuring Bluetooth wireless
  • 3-year warranty (That you probably won’t need!)

Keiser Spin Bike – M3i Review

The M3i is every bit as sleek and classic looking as the M3 only with more to offer. This bike is one step up from the M3, if you can believe it.  It is even more advanced, durable and fabulous than the M3!  It also costs more so, though it is great for gyms and fitness centers, it may be too big of an investment for the average home fitness enthusiast.  However, if you love to spin and want a high quality, durable bike at home to work out 24/7/365 at the drop of the hat, then you may want to consider this bike for your home.

The Keiser M3i spin bike is extremely high quality and practically maintenance free.  Why?  It is made from corrosive resistant materials and it is backed by a great warranty. What makes this machine better than the M3?  Well, for one, the Keiser M3i combines the smooth ride and durability of the Keiser M3 with moveable handle bars which offer riders a total body workout incorporating both arms and legs.  This is a great asset and will help you to burn more calories, get more toning benefits and create balance in your work out.

This spin bike has been designed, redesigned and evaluated from top to bottom.  Everything from the seats to the pedals and the gears have been considered and evaluated with the rider in mind. The computer on Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle is a great instructional and programming tool that can help the rider get the feedback that they need.  If used in a gym, it is also a powerful tool for an instructor of a spin class.


  • Ships Prebuilt so you have no assembly to do
  • Four-Way Adjustable Seat Position allows for ideal rider comfort
  • Light Weight Aluminum Flywheel for a smooth ride
  • Easy Transport Wheels
  • Bluetooth wireless that can sync up with a wireless phone or tablet
  • Adjustable Shimano Combo Pedals
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Sunny SF-B1001 Stationary Bike Review


Sunny-SF-B1001-Stationary-Bike-ReviewThese days choosing the right fitness equipment can be difficult because there is such a huge variety on the market. Spinning bikes are becoming increasingly popular as home fitness machines as people who love spin class want to bring the fun home. The Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike from Sunny Health & Fitness is a popular selling model… but how good is it? Is it worth the money? Take a look at this review and become an informed consumer.

The Positive

Sunny-SF-B1001-Stationary-Bike-resistance-level-300x296This stationary bike is easy to adjust so that no matter what your height or body type, you can ride comfortably. You can also easily move the handlebars to suit your needs whether you want them closer to your body (so you can stand) or further out so you can extend your arms. Unlike some stationary spin bikes, the Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike’s resistance is smooth. It is powered by a heavy duty flywheel. What does that mean? Well, with flywheel resistance, you will feel more like you are on a traditional bicycle and less like you are spinning in front of the TV. The 30 pound flywheel is a bit smaller than what you would see on high performance spinning bikes at gyms or in spin class but provides plenty of resistance for the average home spinner.

The Negatives

Sunny-SF-B1001-Stationary-Bike-Seating-300x296The seat is a bit uncomfortable and that can be a pain when riding for long periods. However, while a bit annoying, this is a pretty common issue for spin bikes. Even fancier, higher end bikes tend to have this issue. It also worth mentioning that this mentioning that this machine can be a bit noisy. However, as with the seat, this does tend to come with the territory. It is not excessively loud but can be a bit distracting. As mentioned above, this bike does feature a 30 pound flywheel which will only be a “con” if you are an avid, intense athlete. However, if that IS you, then this bike probably isn’t for you.

In-Depth Review

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive spin bike for your basic spinning needs then this is it. It will work wonderfully in your home and is sleek and attractive. If you are looking for a high intensity work out then the resistance may be an issue but if you are a beginner or intermediate spinner then this is all you will need.

The flywheel resistance is sensational. No one wants to feel like they are sitting at home when they are riding their spin bike. The whole point is to replicate the wonderful, almost meditative sensation of riding a bicycle. This bike gives you that feeling. That almost makes it worth buying all on its own!

This bike stands out from the crowd because it is so easy to adjust. If you have shopped around at all and read reviews, you know that many bikes for home use are troublesome to adjust. Some bikes are practically useless to shorter than average and/or taller people. But this bike is built that so that your height, weight, stance or body is not an issue. The easily adjusted handlebars are also wonderful. This allows you to make sure that the handlebars suit your needs in a way that many other bikes simply do not allow.

The uncomfortable seat is an issue worth discussing further. However, it is best to try the seat out for a while and, if you are still uncomfortable, you can always replace it. If you do choose to replace it, try one with more cushioning specifically designed for comfort such as the KLOUD City® Black soft gel relief bike saddle seat cushion pad cover.

The noisiness of this stationary bike is a small issue when you consider all of the pros for this great bike. However, if you do find it to be too loud, or if you live in an apartment or another place where noise is an issue then you may want to consider purchasing a mat on which to set your spin bike. An example of such a mat would be the Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat which is really ideal for spinning bikes.

Things to Consider

The most important thing to consider with any purchase is the product’s intended use. It is not practical to compare bikes of totally different price points and specifications. The first thing you must do is decide on a budget, consider how often you will use your bike, your own needs and what you hope to achieve with your new exercise equipment.  Are you training for a triathlon? Perhaps a more expensive bike would be better for you. However, if you have just become interested in spinning then this is a perfectly suitable bike for you. You should be prepared to purchase a mat and a seat cover but these small negative points are outweighed by the machine’s many “pros.”

Specifications and Details

  • 30 pound, smooth resistance flywheel
  • Dimensions: 20 by 43 by 46 inches (W x H x D)

Functionality: This spin bike works well and runs “like champ.”  Its functionality is great and the adjustment settings are so easy to use, as I have mentioned so many times.

Durability: It is not going to fall apart on you. The pedals, seat and flywheel are all quite durable.

Aesthetics: Great looking, sleek spin bike in a pretty cherry red color that is unisex and looks great set up in your home. It most certainly does not look like an expensive spin bike. It is small so it fits nicely in smaller homes and will not overwhelm a room.

In Conclusion….

This is a great piece of home exercise equipment and an awesome choice for a beginner or an intermediate spinner hoping to burn off weight and get in shape. It is not fancy, expensive or over-the top but it does do what it promises. It will give you a great work out and is not huge so it will fit well in a small or mid-sized home. This bike is really pretty great and won’t disappoint.

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Sunny Health and Fitness Spinning Bike Review


Sunny-Health-and-Fitness-Spinning-Bike-ReviewFor those looking to get into the indoor exercise program known as spinning, purchasing a sturdy and economical spinning bike is the most important first step.  Professional indoor cycles can run upwards of $500, so those who merely want to experiment with spinning may wish to purchase a less expensive model to determine whether or not indoor cycling can fulfill their fitness needs. The Sunny Health and Fitness Spinning Bike is on the right side of the price range, but users who purchase the bike may need to sacrifice some measures of comfort and adaptability if they opt to go with this lower-end model of spinning bike.

Pros: Economical, ease of use, general sturdiness.

Cons: No button to control resistance, lack of advanced control features.

The Positive

The most important advantage of the Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike is that it does not have a steep learning curve. The bike comes ready to assemble and, after a few screw turns, is immediately ready to use. Both the bike saddle and the handlebars can be adjusted to fit any height, so taller users will not feel cramped when seated on the bike. The spinning bike comes with very few extra features, but this may be an advantage for novice cyclists who do not have to worry about fiddling with many different gears and levers.

Although it is on the lighter side, the Sunny Health Cycling Bike is remarkably sturdy.  The lightweight frame weighs approximately 108 pounds, but does not wobble from side to side, even during a strenuous workout. The 22 pound flywheel is much lighter than the recommended standard weight of 40 pounds, but the bike’s wide base and strong steel construction does not allow it to tip over during heavy usage. Wheels on the bottom of the bike’s base make it easy to wheel into a corner when not in use. The Sunny Health Cycling Bike does not, unfortunately, fold up to a smaller and more portable size, so it may take up too much space in a smaller apartment or living room.

The Negatives

The simplicity that makes the Sunny Health Indoor Cycling Bike an ideal system for a beginner spinner may also be the thorn in the side of a more experienced cyclist.  Although the system does possess a cycling computer fixed between the handlebars, the readout only gives the most basic statistics, including speed, distance, and calories burned. Fitness lovers who are looking to track more advanced statistics, such as heart rate or resistance, will probably want to use an outside phone app or wrist monitor. The Sunny Health system also does not utilize a button to control the bike’s various resistance levels. Turning a knob to set the resistance can be somewhat frustrating, especially when you are trying to change the resistance mid-workout. Stopping one’s workout to rotate a knob may be one of the major pet peeves of a more committed indoor cyclist.

As mentioned before, the Sunny Health bike system also possesses a much smaller flywheel than is recommended for most spinning bikes. Although this weight difference does not seem to greatly impact the overall sturdiness of the bike, cyclists looking for a more severe workout may need to crank the resistance of the bike up higher to get the same results that they might get on a heavier flywheel. Even though it is still a very quiet spinning bike, the Sunny Health system does emit a low hum that may be distracting to cyclists who are expecting the virtual silence of a more professional model.

Some aspects of comfort of the Sunny Health Indoor Cycling Bike may be frustrating, as the hard plastic seat can chafe against the body during a longer workout. There are, however, some easy solutions to this problem.

Getting the Most out of Your Cycling Experience

KLOUD-City-Black-soft-gel-relief-bike-saddle-seat-padded-cushion-cover-300x232The truth about most indoor spinning bikes is that they are built for speed and resistance and not for comfort. Though it may be tempting to assume that the less expensive price tag of the Sunny Health bike results in the uncomfortable seat, this is a fairly common complaint across the board for spinning bikes. One possible solution may be purchasing a bike saddle cushion to relieve some of the pressure against the hard plastic saddle. The KLOUD city black soft gel relief bike saddle seat, for instance, uses gel technology to spread out weight pressure across the bike saddle. A special drawstring holds the saddle cover onto the bike seat. Using a cover such as the KLOUD city cushion can increase the comfort for newer cyclists who are not used to sitting on a bike saddle for a long period of time.

Mad-Dogg-Athletics-Spinning-Spin-and-Slim-DVD-246x300If you are a complete novice to the exercise of spinning, you may want to also purchase an exercise program to guide your cardio workouts. Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Spin and Slim DVD is a high energy option for beginning cyclists, as the workouts start at only thirty minutes long. With a motivating instructor and three complete circuits of exercises, the Madd Dogg Athletics Spin and Slim program is an ideal cardio option for curious exercisers who have no idea what type of spinning bike workout to try.

Because of the relative low cost of the Sunny Health Indoor Cycling Bike system, adding these inexpensive accessories can greatly improve your spinning experience and guide you well on your way to becoming an expert indoor cyclist.

The Bottom Line

The Sunny Health Indoor Cycling Bike system definitely rates on the lower end of luxury when it comes to spinning bikes. The lighter weight frame and simple set-up may put off indoor cyclists looking for a more advanced and capable bike system. However, if you have never purchased a spinning bike before and are willing to sacrifice some of the more advanced features, the Sunny Health Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the better options for its price tag.

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Choosing The Best Mountain Bike Helmet

We’re often asked what is the best mountain bike helmet to buy and it’s a tricky question. It’s the piece of kits that is left to last to choose but it should always be top of the list as it protects what can not be replaced easily..your brains!

Depending on your style of mountain biking and how aggressive it is your helmet choice will vary.

Open Face Helmets

When your style is more recreational such as cross country or single track style an open face helmet will be the best choice. Within open face there are two styles the cross country style and the skate style. Both are light weight and tough enough for recreational use.

Cross country helmets:

  • A classic style light-weight helmet look which provides a comfortable helmet for extended wearing times.
  • Well ventilated and aerodynamic great for hot days or long rides.
  • Impact absorbing liner with a tough exterior providing protection to the top, back and forehead.
  • Often with a removalable visor for protection from branches.

The Skate style helmet:

  • Heavier and with less ventilation are less comfortable to wear and therefore not as well suited to riding for extended periods of time.
  • As they are heavier they are usually thicker too with a padded inner lining and a tough exterior shell.

Full Face Helmets

When your involved in riskier mountain bike activities such as downhills and dirt jumping the risk of injury increases….so should the level of protection offered by your helmet.

The full face helmet (BMX style helmets)

  • Offers the fullest level of protection giving protection to the head, chin, jaws and cheeks.
  • Protection comes from the impact absorbing inner liner and hard outer shell.
  • With the added sizes comes added weight but the use of ventilation and modern materials such as carbon fibre the extra weight can be minimal.
  • Models with built in visors offer protection from stray branches and flare from the sun.

As you would expect full face helmets are a little more expensive than open face styles but are well worth it if you are involved in the more dangerous mountain biking activities.

If you’d like to see examples of the helmets available take a look around our online shop where we have cherry picked the best for you.

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Forza F2 MAG Bike Trainer Review

Forza-F2-MAG-Bike-TrainerAs you may have already heard, biking is one of the most effective ways of losing weight and it is one of the most excellent ways of having and maintaining a healthy body.  There are many people who can attest to this fact and this is why if you want to have that body that you have been dreaming of, then biking would be to your utmost advantage.

However, biking outdoors is not without problems.  This is because of the fact that although you may want to bike as regularly as possible, there is always the probability that circumstances might not allow you to do so.  After all, not every day of the year will be sunny, right?

Biking Problems Solved

Fortunately, there is way for you to continue the benefits of biking – but this time, you can do it within the confines of your own home!  You can do this through the use of bicycle trainers; and there are many which are available in the world today.

However, one of the most excellent and reasonably-priced ones is the F2 MAG Trainer by Forza.  Many consider this choice to be the best option for those who want to have the best indoor biking experience – at the most minimal price!  So, if you want to get the most out of your hard-earned money, then this is the best choice for you!

We found to have the best prices on all bike trainers, including the Forza F2 MAG Bike Trainer. Click here to check it out.

What differentiates the F2 MAG Trainer by Forza from all the other products out there is the fact that its price is one of the lowest compared to others.  However,  take note that although this product may not be as expensive, its quality has not been sacrificed – in fact, it may even prove to be one of the most effective trainers in the market today.

Quality And Excellent Features in One Product

This product has a variable magnetic resistance which means that its rider can actually choose how challenging his biking exercise will be.  Whether it may be to simulate a very hard terrain or just a simple one, you can be assured that this product will have it all for you!

This F2 MAG Trainer by Forza, aside from being an effective trainer, is also quite durable and long lasting.  Its heavy duty construction and its very sturdy features allow it to withstand the rigors of its rider’s exercise.  And this is why with this product, you can expect yourself and your bicycle trainer to go a long way together!

This product can easily be assembled and disassembled with its quick-release skewers.  And its easy storage features will make it an excellent addition to your home – regardless if you live in a condo, an apartment or a house.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, you can rest assured that this product will be able to benefit you greatly.  And with it, you can rest assured that what you will have is the healthy body that you deserve – and you will not have to spend as much to get it!

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CycleOps Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review


CycleOps-Mag-Indoor-Bicycle-TrainerBiking is considered by many to be one of the most effective exercises ever.   It is excellent for cardio workouts and it is also an excellent means to lose those unwanted pounds.  It is a strengthening exercise which can also help you get firmer and stronger legs.  Unfortunately, you cannot be expected to go biking all the time, no matter how you may want to.  This is because there are certain situations – such as rain and snow, which may prevent you from doing so.

Fortunately, there is a new way for you to enjoy the benefits of biking – even when you are inside your home!  This is made possible through the use of bicycle trainers, which have been designed to actually simulate real biking – and all the good things that come from it.

The Answer To Your Winter Biking Woes

If you search the Internet, you will see that one of the most popular bicycle trainers of all is the CycleOps Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer.  The reviews about this product have been nothing short of excellent and this is because of the fact that it actually has the most innovative features and the most helpful benefits which you could ever get from a bicycle trainer.

We found to have the best prices on all bike trainers including the CycleOps Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer. Click here to check it out.

The CycleOps Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer is considered as a favorite by many because of the fact that it is an extraordinary piece of equipment that is not only sturdy and durable, but is also one which can provide you with the smoothest and quietest rides ever!  This is made possible by this product’s internal flywheel which ensures that when you do your exercises on this trainer, no annoying noises and sounds will emanate from it.

This product also has five resistance settings to ensure that you will get the biking experience that you want.  As you have five levels of resistance to pick from, you can be assured that you will get the exact amount of exercise to match your stamina. This product also utilizes magnet brakes, which means  that you can either go for a warm up, or simulate a rough terrain.  It is all up to you.

A Top Notch Product From A Top Notch Company

The CycleOps Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer is very durable because it is made of steel which means that it is relatively unbreakable.  You can expect many years of use with this handy machine.

The creator of this product is CycleOps, which is one of the most reputable cycling companies in the world today.  This product has been designed by the top experts in the field which means that it is what it claims to be.  You can expect this product to be efficient and durable at the most affordable price.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and buy your CycleOps Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer and have the best product that you deserve.  It is bound to provide you with all the benefits that biking entails.  And for sure, you will have a blast with it.

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