Choosing The Best Mountain Bike Helmet

We’re often asked what is the best mountain bike helmet to buy and it’s a tricky question. It’s the piece of kits that is left to last to choose but it should always be top of the list as it protects what can not be replaced easily..your brains!

Depending on your style of mountain biking and how aggressive it is your helmet choice will vary.

Open Face Helmets

When your style is more recreational such as cross country or single track style an open face helmet will be the best choice. Within open face there are two styles the cross country style and the skate style. Both are light weight and tough enough for recreational use.

Cross country helmets:

  • A classic style light-weight helmet look which provides a comfortable helmet for extended wearing times.
  • Well ventilated and aerodynamic great for hot days or long rides.
  • Impact absorbing liner with a tough exterior providing protection to the top, back and forehead.
  • Often with a removalable visor for protection from branches.

The Skate style helmet:

  • Heavier and with less ventilation are less comfortable to wear and therefore not as well suited to riding for extended periods of time.
  • As they are heavier they are usually thicker too with a padded inner lining and a tough exterior shell.

Full Face Helmets

When your involved in riskier mountain bike activities such as downhills and dirt jumping the risk of injury increases….so should the level of protection offered by your helmet.

The full face helmet (BMX style helmets)

  • Offers the fullest level of protection giving protection to the head, chin, jaws and cheeks.
  • Protection comes from the impact absorbing inner liner and hard outer shell.
  • With the added sizes comes added weight but the use of ventilation and modern materials such as carbon fibre the extra weight can be minimal.
  • Models with built in visors offer protection from stray branches and flare from the sun.

As you would expect full face helmets are a little more expensive than open face styles but are well worth it if you are involved in the more dangerous mountain biking activities.

If you’d like to see examples of the helmets available take a look around our online shop where we have cherry picked the best for you.

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