Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Exerpeutic-900XL-Recumbent-Exercise-Bike-Post-Feature-ImagePROS: Big magic packed in a small box, which also takes care of your pocket! Yes, in one sentence you can describe the recumbent exercise bike as a magic bike. It takes care of your daily cardiovascular workout in a subtle manner, and can fit into your daily routine, without much of a problem. With a lot of positives, it has potential to become one of your best buys, and is totally recommended from a reviewer’s point of view.

CONS: If you belong to the category who wishes to make tough and bulging muscles, at various corners of your body, then probably recumbent exercise bike will not be much of a help to you. They do not make six packs in your abs, but will only tone them to look perfect.

In-Depth Review of This Recumbent Exercise Bike

The bike is excellent buy in optimum price. You will get the recumbent exercise bike along with a manual, which will make the assembling part really easy. After assembling, you will get to know that it can be shifted from place to place because of its supporting wheels. The seating is very comfortable in nature and size, and supports a height range from 5’3” till 7’2”. If your main purpose of getting the recumbent exercise bike is to reduce the weight, so that can be done without you having to sacrifice your favorite daily shows; the bike is really noiseless and sometimes you will not even feel your peddling sound.

You start as a novice with minimum “tension level” wherein you will not need to apply a lot of force to pedal your bike, and with practice you can easily increase the tension level. With increased tension level you can be assured of doing quite a heavy workout.

With a friendly and large screen display, you can monitor your heart rate and maintain your exercise level according to your own physical capacity. Usually you should maintain your workout level at 85% of your heart rate, which ensures maximum benefits with no dangers. With the display it is easy to keep a track record of the time you worked out, the distance you traveled, the time you had spend on exercise, and the most important of all calories burned. You will actually know that you are reducing, even if it not prominent with naked eyes.

You can consider buying a Folding Equipment Mat, with the recumbent exercise bike. This mat is quite portable in nature and can be folded easily. Is provides a hassle free storage, and saves your carpet from any kind of wear and tear. Just place the equipment mat beneath the recumbent exercise bike, and be sure of no property damage. The mat is especially designed to absorb any kind of impacts, vibrations and shocks.

Factors Determining the Purchase Decision

We have talked at length about the product qualities and features, but there are many noteworthy important factors that determine the final purchase decision. The foremost factor is your actual daily workout plan and the reason behind your workout sessions. Now, if you plan to use the bike on a daily basis to keep yourself fit and get a toned body, then this bike is a very good option. The recumbent exercise bike is cost effective and solves a regular workout problem greatly. If you want to go for a higher level of workout that includes concentrating on building up of specific body area muscles, then probably you should drop the idea of buying the product. The product is durable in nature and comes with a manufacture 3 years limited-warranty. You will not have to undergo the trouble of replacing the machine’s parts or worry about its wear and tear. It is easily shipped to your place and looks like a good buy.

The Design

  • Technical Specifications:
    1. Step- through design style
    2. Eight-level magnetic control system
    3. Smooth torque” cranking system
    4. Balanced flywheel with a V-belt design
    5. Supports 300lbs weight
    6. Measures 22 by 34 by 54 inches (W x H x D)
    7. The machines weight is 63 pounds
    8. Large LCD display screen
    9. Transportation wheels
    10. Limited warranty period of three years
  • Aesthetics:  You will not ask for more, once you look at the design of the recumbent exercise bike. It looks classy and trendy. It does not look like one of those heavy machines kept at typical gyms, rather will become a part of some corner in your house.
  • Durability: It is very durable in nature, but you will just have to increase your learning curve for changing the height of the seat, without spending much time on it. The magnetic tension level can be adjusted even between specific numbers, without causing any damage to the bike. All in all, recumbent exercise bike is highly durable in nature.
  • Functionality: As far as functionality is concerned, it can be rated with 8 stars out of 10. You can use it effortlessly, and practice a regular workout session. With comfortable seats, adjustable tension level, feet strap and comfortable construction, you will actually get into the habit of working out on a daily basis.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have read the whole description about the bike, right from its construction to its working, you are in a position to decide whether to go for the product or not. So, to conclude, the recumbent exercise bike looks like a real good buy with all the important features one can look for. It is good on aesthetics; technically it has some very strong features and above all comes with a warranty of 3 years. It gives you an option to start with easy workout level and progressively go for higher forms, which even means that the bike is suitable for all kinds of fitness freaks. When it is accompanied with folding equipment mat, then even your property will remain safe from any kind of damages. If you are planning to become one of those fitness freaks, then consider buying recumbent exercise bike.

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