Schwinn Recumbent Bike Model 230 Review

Schwinn-Recumbent-Bike-Model-230-Post-Feature-ImageAs a recent addition to the Schwinn recumbent bike family, the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike aims to bring a more complete experience to indoor cycling. Although many of the features that the Schwinn 230 offers may not be necessary for a beginning cyclist, true fitness gurus will be ecstatic at the variety of experiences this Schwinn recumbent bike brings to the table. From a sleeker and more ergonomic design to added technological features, the Schwinn 230 is steps ahead of most recumbent bikes in its price class.

Pros: Comfortable and stress-free construction, easy to mount and use, stored user settings and exercise programs, extra charging ports for electronics and a built-in fan.

Cons: Heavy and difficult to move and assemble, inaccurate heart rate monitor.

The Positive About Schwinn Recumbent Bike Model 230

The comfortable experience of using the Schwinn 230 begins as soon as you step onto the pedals and plant yourself in the seat. The sturdy frame is made of tightly-welded steel that will not shake or buckle during even the hardest of workouts.  The seat design sits further back on the frame than most recumbent bikes, resulting in less pressure on the lower back area. The seat is contoured to fit the human body and is much more comfortable than the average indoor cycling bike. Most experienced fitness buffs will tell you that one of the biggest complaints of any indoor bike system is that the seat causes discomfort during longer workouts. With a vented design that is padded in all the right places, this Schwinn recumbent bike solves many of the discomfort issues and provides excellent ventilation for even the longest and sweatiest rides.

The Schwinn 230 recumbent bike is designed with mounting handlebars positioned on either side of the seat to allow a user to simply walk on and off of the bike without tripping over gears and machinery. Once seated, your body literally slides right into a comfortable riding position that can be adjusted to fit any height. As far as recumbent bikes go, the Schwinn 230 is clearly designed to appeal to even the most novice of indoor cyclists, as it is incredibly easy to mount and immediately begin using.

At the same time, the Schwinn 230 comes equipped with enough cycling programs to satisfy the most hardened spinners. Twenty different resistance programs offer a range of circuits that include slopes and hills, all of which can be adjusted to fit your individual fitness needs. Resistance can be easily changed mid-cycle by pushing the large buttons on the user interface.

The user interface is one of the most intuitive systems available across all of the Schwinn recumbent bike models.  The cycling computer saves up to two individual user settings, which remember the user’s height, weight, age, and target fitness goals. These settings make it easy to keep a weekly workout regimen and to improve on previous fitness goals without needing to jot improvement down on a pad of paper. Several USB ports built right into the bike frame can charge a variety of electronic devices so you don’t have to worry about your iPhone running out of battery in the middle of your carefully chosen workout mix. The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike even comes with a fan built into the center of the bike frame, which creates a constant stream of refreshment to cool any length of workout. These features do not completely distract from the bike’s chief feature – which is its ease of use – but they are perks to add to a more relaxing experience, particularly for those who are not looking to push themselves too hard during a cardio workout.

The Negatives About Schwinn Recumbent Bike Model 230

The biggest weakness of the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike system is in the delivery and assembly process. Schwinn has tried to make assembly easy by doing as much construction in factory as possible. While this certainly cuts down on the overall assembly time of the bike (about 1 ½ hours), it does mean that the bike is delivered in several larger than normal boxes which can be extremely heavy to move and manipulate. You will want to build the Schwinn 230 in the principal room that you plan on it occupying, because the entire bike system is ungainly and difficult to move.  God forbid you live on the upper floor of an apartment complex.

While these issues are more of a one-time conundrum, they can discourage users who are hoping for an immediate fitness experience.  It is recommended to purchase an exercise mat to place under the bike, such as the Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat. The Stamina Equipment Mat can help prevent any metal from rubbing on a hardwood surface and eliminate vibration from the machinery, but it is recommended that you place the mat down before you assemble the bike, as the entire bike is difficult to lift once completed.

Another minor qualm for more experienced fitness lovers is that the heart rate monitor sensors are positioned in the handlebars. Because of constant changing hand positions, the reading from this monitor can often be wildly inaccurate, so it would be better to calculate one’s heart rate using an outside source. However, considering the wide variety of other technological accessories the Schwinn 230 offers, this is a small complaint.

The Bottom Line

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike will undoubtedly appeal more to casual indoor cyclists who are looking for a more comfortable and relaxing environment in which to spin.  However, more driven exercise hounds will still be impressed by the Schwinn Recumbent Bike’s solid construction and impressive arsenal of fitness programs and resistance patterns. Although users should be aware of the bulky and inconvenient manner in which the preassembled bike pieces arrive, once you are able to construct the Schwinn 230, it is a breeze to use. Cyclists who are looking to spend a little more will be rewarded by the extra amenities that the Schwinn 230 offers, making it a complete option for every level of fitness.

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