Sunny Health and Fitness Spinning Bike Review

Sunny-Health-and-Fitness-Spinning-Bike-ReviewFor those looking to get into the indoor exercise program known as spinning, purchasing a sturdy and economical spinning bike is the most important first step.  Professional indoor cycles can run upwards of $500, so those who merely want to experiment with spinning may wish to purchase a less expensive model to determine whether or not indoor cycling can fulfill their fitness needs. The Sunny Health and Fitness Spinning Bike is on the right side of the price range, but users who purchase the bike may need to sacrifice some measures of comfort and adaptability if they opt to go with this lower-end model of spinning bike.

Pros: Economical, ease of use, general sturdiness.

Cons: No button to control resistance, lack of advanced control features.

The Positive

The most important advantage of the Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike is that it does not have a steep learning curve. The bike comes ready to assemble and, after a few screw turns, is immediately ready to use. Both the bike saddle and the handlebars can be adjusted to fit any height, so taller users will not feel cramped when seated on the bike. The spinning bike comes with very few extra features, but this may be an advantage for novice cyclists who do not have to worry about fiddling with many different gears and levers.

Although it is on the lighter side, the Sunny Health Cycling Bike is remarkably sturdy.  The lightweight frame weighs approximately 108 pounds, but does not wobble from side to side, even during a strenuous workout. The 22 pound flywheel is much lighter than the recommended standard weight of 40 pounds, but the bike’s wide base and strong steel construction does not allow it to tip over during heavy usage. Wheels on the bottom of the bike’s base make it easy to wheel into a corner when not in use. The Sunny Health Cycling Bike does not, unfortunately, fold up to a smaller and more portable size, so it may take up too much space in a smaller apartment or living room.

The Negatives

The simplicity that makes the Sunny Health Indoor Cycling Bike an ideal system for a beginner spinner may also be the thorn in the side of a more experienced cyclist.  Although the system does possess a cycling computer fixed between the handlebars, the readout only gives the most basic statistics, including speed, distance, and calories burned. Fitness lovers who are looking to track more advanced statistics, such as heart rate or resistance, will probably want to use an outside phone app or wrist monitor. The Sunny Health system also does not utilize a button to control the bike’s various resistance levels. Turning a knob to set the resistance can be somewhat frustrating, especially when you are trying to change the resistance mid-workout. Stopping one’s workout to rotate a knob may be one of the major pet peeves of a more committed indoor cyclist.

As mentioned before, the Sunny Health bike system also possesses a much smaller flywheel than is recommended for most spinning bikes. Although this weight difference does not seem to greatly impact the overall sturdiness of the bike, cyclists looking for a more severe workout may need to crank the resistance of the bike up higher to get the same results that they might get on a heavier flywheel. Even though it is still a very quiet spinning bike, the Sunny Health system does emit a low hum that may be distracting to cyclists who are expecting the virtual silence of a more professional model.

Some aspects of comfort of the Sunny Health Indoor Cycling Bike may be frustrating, as the hard plastic seat can chafe against the body during a longer workout. There are, however, some easy solutions to this problem.

Getting the Most out of Your Cycling Experience

KLOUD-City-Black-soft-gel-relief-bike-saddle-seat-padded-cushion-cover-300x232The truth about most indoor spinning bikes is that they are built for speed and resistance and not for comfort. Though it may be tempting to assume that the less expensive price tag of the Sunny Health bike results in the uncomfortable seat, this is a fairly common complaint across the board for spinning bikes. One possible solution may be purchasing a bike saddle cushion to relieve some of the pressure against the hard plastic saddle. The KLOUD city black soft gel relief bike saddle seat, for instance, uses gel technology to spread out weight pressure across the bike saddle. A special drawstring holds the saddle cover onto the bike seat. Using a cover such as the KLOUD city cushion can increase the comfort for newer cyclists who are not used to sitting on a bike saddle for a long period of time.

Mad-Dogg-Athletics-Spinning-Spin-and-Slim-DVD-246x300If you are a complete novice to the exercise of spinning, you may want to also purchase an exercise program to guide your cardio workouts. Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Spin and Slim DVD is a high energy option for beginning cyclists, as the workouts start at only thirty minutes long. With a motivating instructor and three complete circuits of exercises, the Madd Dogg Athletics Spin and Slim program is an ideal cardio option for curious exercisers who have no idea what type of spinning bike workout to try.

Because of the relative low cost of the Sunny Health Indoor Cycling Bike system, adding these inexpensive accessories can greatly improve your spinning experience and guide you well on your way to becoming an expert indoor cyclist.

The Bottom Line

The Sunny Health Indoor Cycling Bike system definitely rates on the lower end of luxury when it comes to spinning bikes. The lighter weight frame and simple set-up may put off indoor cyclists looking for a more advanced and capable bike system. However, if you have never purchased a spinning bike before and are willing to sacrifice some of the more advanced features, the Sunny Health Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the better options for its price tag.

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