Sunny SF-B1001 Stationary Bike Review

Sunny-SF-B1001-Stationary-Bike-ReviewThese days choosing the right fitness equipment can be difficult because there is such a huge variety on the market. Spinning bikes are becoming increasingly popular as home fitness machines as people who love spin class want to bring the fun home. The Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike from Sunny Health & Fitness is a popular selling model… but how good is it? Is it worth the money? Take a look at this review and become an informed consumer.

The Positive

Sunny-SF-B1001-Stationary-Bike-resistance-level-300x296This stationary bike is easy to adjust so that no matter what your height or body type, you can ride comfortably. You can also easily move the handlebars to suit your needs whether you want them closer to your body (so you can stand) or further out so you can extend your arms. Unlike some stationary spin bikes, the Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike’s resistance is smooth. It is powered by a heavy duty flywheel. What does that mean? Well, with flywheel resistance, you will feel more like you are on a traditional bicycle and less like you are spinning in front of the TV. The 30 pound flywheel is a bit smaller than what you would see on high performance spinning bikes at gyms or in spin class but provides plenty of resistance for the average home spinner.

The Negatives

Sunny-SF-B1001-Stationary-Bike-Seating-300x296The seat is a bit uncomfortable and that can be a pain when riding for long periods. However, while a bit annoying, this is a pretty common issue for spin bikes. Even fancier, higher end bikes tend to have this issue. It also worth mentioning that this mentioning that this machine can be a bit noisy. However, as with the seat, this does tend to come with the territory. It is not excessively loud but can be a bit distracting. As mentioned above, this bike does feature a 30 pound flywheel which will only be a “con” if you are an avid, intense athlete. However, if that IS you, then this bike probably isn’t for you.

In-Depth Review

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive spin bike for your basic spinning needs then this is it. It will work wonderfully in your home and is sleek and attractive. If you are looking for a high intensity work out then the resistance may be an issue but if you are a beginner or intermediate spinner then this is all you will need.

The flywheel resistance is sensational. No one wants to feel like they are sitting at home when they are riding their spin bike. The whole point is to replicate the wonderful, almost meditative sensation of riding a bicycle. This bike gives you that feeling. That almost makes it worth buying all on its own!

This bike stands out from the crowd because it is so easy to adjust. If you have shopped around at all and read reviews, you know that many bikes for home use are troublesome to adjust. Some bikes are practically useless to shorter than average and/or taller people. But this bike is built that so that your height, weight, stance or body is not an issue. The easily adjusted handlebars are also wonderful. This allows you to make sure that the handlebars suit your needs in a way that many other bikes simply do not allow.

The uncomfortable seat is an issue worth discussing further. However, it is best to try the seat out for a while and, if you are still uncomfortable, you can always replace it. If you do choose to replace it, try one with more cushioning specifically designed for comfort such as the KLOUD City® Black soft gel relief bike saddle seat cushion pad cover.

The noisiness of this stationary bike is a small issue when you consider all of the pros for this great bike. However, if you do find it to be too loud, or if you live in an apartment or another place where noise is an issue then you may want to consider purchasing a mat on which to set your spin bike. An example of such a mat would be the Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat which is really ideal for spinning bikes.

Things to Consider

The most important thing to consider with any purchase is the product’s intended use. It is not practical to compare bikes of totally different price points and specifications. The first thing you must do is decide on a budget, consider how often you will use your bike, your own needs and what you hope to achieve with your new exercise equipment.  Are you training for a triathlon? Perhaps a more expensive bike would be better for you. However, if you have just become interested in spinning then this is a perfectly suitable bike for you. You should be prepared to purchase a mat and a seat cover but these small negative points are outweighed by the machine’s many “pros.”

Specifications and Details

  • 30 pound, smooth resistance flywheel
  • Dimensions: 20 by 43 by 46 inches (W x H x D)

Functionality: This spin bike works well and runs “like champ.”  Its functionality is great and the adjustment settings are so easy to use, as I have mentioned so many times.

Durability: It is not going to fall apart on you. The pedals, seat and flywheel are all quite durable.

Aesthetics: Great looking, sleek spin bike in a pretty cherry red color that is unisex and looks great set up in your home. It most certainly does not look like an expensive spin bike. It is small so it fits nicely in smaller homes and will not overwhelm a room.

In Conclusion….

This is a great piece of home exercise equipment and an awesome choice for a beginner or an intermediate spinner hoping to burn off weight and get in shape. It is not fancy, expensive or over-the top but it does do what it promises. It will give you a great work out and is not huge so it will fit well in a small or mid-sized home. This bike is really pretty great and won’t disappoint.

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