What’s the Best Keiser Spin Bike?

Sunny-SF-B1001-Stationary-Bike-ReviewSpinning and indoor biking are an awesome fitness option for those who enjoy biking but do not live in a hospitable climate.  You can spin, after all, on a snowy day or on the hottest day of summer.  You’ll always be comfortable and cozy inside your home!  Of course, you can use bikes at a gym but, for some, purchasing a bike for in-home use just makes more sense.  If you have a busy schedule, work from home or have kids then it’s often easiest to squeeze in a workout whenever you can.  If you have started shopping around for indoor bicycles you may have become overwhelmed by the many choices, brands and types.  There are many to consider but Keiser Spin bike is the best on the market.

Keiser Spin Bikes are known for their high quality and great features. If you are just starting out with spinning or biking then you may not wish to invest the money in a Keiser spin bike.  They are not cheap but they are worth the money for someone who is committed to fitness.   These are no beginners’ bikes and are meant for people serious about indoor biking and spinning.  They provide a fantastic cardiovascular work-out and are built for comfort and ease of use.

These are phenomenal bikes.  They are some of the best in the industry.  Keiser machines are the types of bikes you will find at a spin class or in a top-notch gym.  There’s nothing cheap about these machines and the Keiser name is a well-respected and a well-known brand in the fitness industry… and there’s good reason for that! If you are in the market for a new Keiser bike and are curious what the best ones are, read on to become an informed consumer.

Keiser Spin Bike – M3 Review

To begin with, this spin bike just looks cool.   It is streamlined and sleek with a silver color.  It will fit right in to any home gym.  If you plan on keeping your bike out in the house, in the living room or bedroom for example, then this machine will not look tacky or obtrusive.  This bike is really quite attractive and simply built.

All Keiser machines, and the M3 series in particular, are known for durability. It will not wear out on you and will continue to give you a great work out for years to come.  Made of non-corrosive materials and featuring a non-wearing resistance system, this bike will not break down or require repairs.  It is practically maintenance free.  However, it does come with a fantastic warranty should any issues arise.

The M3 is not for just anyone.  It is for a true fitness enthusiast.  This machine is a serious performance exercise cycle.  It is most suited for indoor cycling classes and hardcore cardiovascular conditioning.  If you are looking for a great work out at home, then you will not be disappointed.  You will look and feel great after using this machine for just a few weeks.

The thing that is so wonderful about this bike is that provides a great work out but is not noisy, bouncy or rickety.  You can go as fast as you wish without sacrificing either of those features.  This bike promises a smooth ride and is very quiet.  Work out late at night or while the baby’s sleeping.  It doesn’t matter because this bike is seriously whisper quiet.  It is also so easy to use!

The Keiser M3 also has a top-notch computer that measures RPM, power output in watts, kilocalorie expenditure, heart rate, trip time, gear and distance.  The best part of the computer is how easy it is to use and how much information you can get from it.  You will be able to monitor, track and adjust your work outs according to what the computer tells you.


  • Eddy current resistance system
  • Infinitely adjustable resistance system
  • Smooth and quiet
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • Computer tracks time, distance, calories, heart rate, power output and more!
  • Adjustable Shimano combo pedals
  • Featuring Bluetooth wireless
  • 3-year warranty (That you probably won’t need!)

Keiser Spin Bike – M3i Review

The M3i is every bit as sleek and classic looking as the M3 only with more to offer. This bike is one step up from the M3, if you can believe it.  It is even more advanced, durable and fabulous than the M3!  It also costs more so, though it is great for gyms and fitness centers, it may be too big of an investment for the average home fitness enthusiast.  However, if you love to spin and want a high quality, durable bike at home to work out 24/7/365 at the drop of the hat, then you may want to consider this bike for your home.

The Keiser M3i spin bike is extremely high quality and practically maintenance free.  Why?  It is made from corrosive resistant materials and it is backed by a great warranty. What makes this machine better than the M3?  Well, for one, the Keiser M3i combines the smooth ride and durability of the Keiser M3 with moveable handle bars which offer riders a total body workout incorporating both arms and legs.  This is a great asset and will help you to burn more calories, get more toning benefits and create balance in your work out.

This spin bike has been designed, redesigned and evaluated from top to bottom.  Everything from the seats to the pedals and the gears have been considered and evaluated with the rider in mind. The computer on Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle is a great instructional and programming tool that can help the rider get the feedback that they need.  If used in a gym, it is also a powerful tool for an instructor of a spin class.


  • Ships Prebuilt so you have no assembly to do
  • Four-Way Adjustable Seat Position allows for ideal rider comfort
  • Light Weight Aluminum Flywheel for a smooth ride
  • Easy Transport Wheels
  • Bluetooth wireless that can sync up with a wireless phone or tablet
  • Adjustable Shimano Combo Pedals
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